Chad Turns 60 as President Déby Becomes Field Marshal
60 Years of Independence 60 years ago today on August 11th — just two years after becoming a republic, Chad gained independence from France - former coloniser who many claim has not completely relinquished political control over the nation. A delicate subject that has many Chadians questioning if the event is truly a celebration. Field Marshal Dérby As President Idriss Déby is also being awarded the honorary title of Field Marshal today for his efforts against Islamic terrorism in West Africa. Although criticised by some for his political relationships with the West, he has successfully positioned the ethnically-fragmented country as a critical military power in the Sahel region. The young nation, despite being one the largest oil reserve holders in Africa, is ranked by the World Bank as last in the Human Development Index with 40% of its population living below the poverty line. Much is left to be seen from the young nation that has neither been peaceful nor has it witnessed a smooth transition of power. 60 years of dynamic history, with much potential in view over the next 60 years to come.